FEG Cookbook, kirjakansi

Finland operations

Consultation in school and municipal school development projects based on our CookBook guidelines and UbiQ envolvement design process.

Learning environment product development and support services for companies.

Providing co-creative services for enhancing educational product export for universities and corporate instances.

FEG Cookbook, kirjakansi

International operations

Concept and product development with the envolvement of the customer throughout the planning process.

FEG co-creative processes are based on Finnish school research and our tested UbiQ design process.

Our processes aim to maximize impact to learning opportunities as well as to social and living conditions in the targeted communities.

Physical environments

FIS Georgia
  • Finnish International K12 Schools
  • BizArenas - enhancing and activating interaction between stakeholders of working life representatives and educational instances
  • SkillCenters - skill development and youth empowerment activities
  • Teachers' training schools
  • Pedago LAB - physical platform for pedagological learnining and testing

Digital environments

SEEP Gambia
  • SEEP platform (Smart Education and Employment Platform)

    SEEP is a web based limited service platform that offers its users tools to capacitate personal skill development and enhance employment possibilities. It provides support in career and educational planning. SEEP can also integrate custom Learning Management Solutions.

    SEEP offers students and youth a digital platform for facilitated interaction and connection with educational and working-life organizations, companies, and vice versa.

Social environments

  • UbiQ process

    The UbiQ process is FEG's collaborative design process which actively involves stakeholders to create user-centered environments. A constant stream of relevant information is gathered and reflected, to reveal user activities and requirements, and to guide the various phases of the entire development and construction process.