FEG Cookbook, kirjakansi

Finland operations

Consultation in school and municipal school development projects based on our CookBook envolvement process.

Learning environment product development services for companies.

Providing co-creative services for enhancing educational product export for universities and corporate instances.

FEG Cookbook, kirjakansi

International operations

Concept and product development with the envolvement of the customer throughout the planning process.

FEG co-creative processes are based on Finnish research and the UbiQ process.

Our processes aim to maximize effects on learning opportunities, on social and living conditions.

Physical environments

FIS Georgia
  • Finnish International K12 Schools
  • BizArenas
  • SkillCenters
  • Teachers' training schools

Digital environments

SEEP Gambia
  • SEEP platform (Smart Education and Employment Platform) provides dedicated students and youths career planning solution with “match making” tools for EDU Institutions, students and working life representatives to work together and create meaningful collaboration projects for skills development and empoyment opportunities.
  • NatureGate application

Social environments

  • UbiQ process
  • CoopNet initiative